ADG®-TT: Swivel Joint for Cryo Applications Down to -328°F (-200°C)

The ARTA ADG®-TT cryo swivel joint for low temperatures mitigates against premature wear by controlling torque forces on hose lines and pipelines. The design incorporates integral flexibility that also permits different sections of the pipe to rotate in relation to each other. The cryogenic swivel joint is recommended for transporting LNG and LOX as well as other liquid and gaseous media down to -200° Celsius and -328° Fahrenheit.

How does the ARTA ADG®-TT work?

The ADG®-TT Swivel Joint’s two connecting halves are mounted on one or two ball bearing races, allowing full 360° rotation.

What advantages does the ARTA ADG®-TT offer?

  Reliable even at low temperatures

The ADG®-TT cryo swivel enables liquid and gas loading at low temperatures down to -200° Celsius or -328° Fahrenheit. The ADG®-TT remains fully functional even when frozen, making it ideal for application in the cryogenic sector.


  High compatibility due to its modular system

With high compatibility due to its modular system, ARTA offers the ideal swivel joint for every purpose, whether the joint is straight or curved or uses a threaded or flanged connection. 


  Reduced wear and ease of handling

The swivel joint prevents the hose from twisting; this relieves and protects it. Also, the ADG®-TT simplifies handling and turns rigid systems into flexible systems.


  High level of safety

Avoiding hose or pipe system twisting reduces the risk of a dangerous situation developing.


  Low maintenance and durability

ADG®-TT Swivel Joints have extraordinary longevity because they use optimized ball races and high-quality materials. We also focused on designing our swivel joints to be as maintenance-free as possible. What little maintenance is necessary can be accomplished very quickly and easily.


For which areas of application was the ADG®-TT developed?

ARTA developed ADG®-TT cryo swivel joints for transporting liquid and gaseous media, such as cryogenic liquefied natural gas, cryogenic liquefied oxygen, ethylene, propylene, or ethane, at extremely low temperatures. Operators can use them as flexible pipe and hose components for product or vapor lines. Our ARTA Swivel Joints are perfect for use on loading arms or hose assemblies. Ideally, the ADG®-TT swivel joint should be combined with an ASK®-TT Dry Break and an NTS®-SZ-TT emergency disconnect safety system.

Sizes: DN25 (1“) to DN200 (8“)
Pressure rating: up to PN40 (580psi)
Temperature range: -200°C (-328°F) to +100°C (+212°F)
Body material: Stainless Steel 1.4404 (316L)
Sealing: PTFE
Connections: Threads: NPT or BSP 
Flanges: DIN/EN, ANSI, ISO, ASME others on request
Conformities: 2014/68/EU PED, 2014/34/EU ATEX, EN14432, 21 CRF Part 11, USP Code 6

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