NTS®-SZ-TT: Emergency Release Couplings down to -382°F (-230°C)

The NTS-SZ-TT is a cryo cable-release breakaway coupling used to transfer media at low temperatures. In the event of a dangerous situation, the coupling separates in a safe, non-destructive manner. It can then be quickly and easily reassembled (usually on-site). The range of activation is a full 360°, and the trigger mechanism is fully independent of line pressure. The cryogenic emergency disconnect safety system is recommended for the transport of LNG and LOX as well as other liquid and gaseous media down to -230° Celsius or -382° Fahrenheit.

How does the ARTA NTS®-SZ-TT work?

Hazardous situations during refueling operations frequently arise due to an accidental shock on the line. This event can occur for various reasons. One example is a sudden departure of a tanker that remains connected to the port via a hose string or loading arm. Consequently, we recommend adding an NTS emergency disconnect safety system from ARTA to all cryo hose strings or loading arms. 


Should a tanker, truck, or rail-car etc., move outside its normal range of operation, the two coupling halves of the NTS®-SZ-TT will disconnect in a controlled manner, and the valves on both sides will immediately close. The safety of the user is ensured because no spillage of potentially dangerous media will occur.

What advantages does the ARTA NTS®-SZ-TT offer?

  Application at low temperatures

The NTS®-SZ-TT enables loading liquids and gases at low temperatures of down to -230° Celsius or -382° Fahrenheit. The NTS®-SZ-TT remains fully functional even when frozen, making it suitable for applications in the cryogenic sector.


  Non-destructive separation

The design of the NTS®-SZ produces a safe, direct separation. The coupling components are not destroyed, providing a long service life. Furthermore, the separation mechanism permits spill-free retention of the transported media in both coupling halves. Thanks to this innovative separation mechanism, there is no impact on the environment, and there are no additional material costs. 


  Quick and easy reassembly on site

Downtime is minimized, and the Breakaway Coupling is easily reassembled, mainly due to the non-destructive manner in which separation occurs. Separated coupling halves are reunited using a simple device. 


  Maximum flow

The NTS®-SZ-TT’s flow-optimized design was created using the finite element method (FEM) and validated by flow tests. The result is minimum pressure loss, even if the breakaway coupling is at maximum delivery flow. 


  Fully verified by international certification entities

The NTS®-SZ-TT is an industry-recognized safety coupling certified by recognized international approval entities. There are no safety reservations for its application. 


  Patented trigger mechanism with fully flexible 360° range of activation

Safe separation is ensured even under adverse conditions because of the patented trigger mechanism, which averts tensile force between the NTS, vehicle, and rest of the system. Thanks to the 360° range of activation of the separating mechanism, the high-performance triggering mechanism of the NTS®-SZ-TT is independent of line pressure, and triggering is mostly independent of the tensile force’s direction.

For which areas of application was the NTS®-SZ-TT developed?

The NTS®-SZ-TT is particularly suitable for media transport at extremely low temperatures, such as cryogenic liquefied natural gas, cryogenic liquefied oxygen, ethylene, propylene, or ethane. It is designed for use on suction and discharge lines for liquid and gaseous substances, making it ideal for tanker trucks, tanker ships, and loading stations, along with other applications.


It is often combined with the ARTA ASK-TT dry coupling.

Sizes: DN25 (1“) to DN200 (8“)
Pressure rating: PN20 (290psi) to PN40 (580psi)
Temperature range: -230°C (-382°F) to +100°C (+212°F)
Body material: Stainless Steel 1.4404 (316L)
Sealing: PTFE
Connections: Threads: NPT, BSP
Flanges: DIN/EN, ANSI, JIS
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Approvals: DNVGL
Conformities: 2014/68/EU Druckgeräterichtlinie, 2014/34/EU ATEX, EN14432, ISO16904, ISO18683, ISO21593

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