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Key areas of application for cryogenic liquefied gases - LNG, LN2, LO2, etc

The ARTA Cryofit line of low-temperature couplings is entering its 15th year of successful commercial service. Our customers are leaders in the LNG industry and rely on our LNG couplings to safely and efficiently transfer products at operating temperatures down to -200°C (-328°F). The ARTA Cryofit line is internationally recognized as one of the premier LNG couplers and swivel joints on the market.



LNG applications & more (Ethylene, Propylene, Ethane etc.)

The application spectrum for our cryogenic couplers is diverse, including ship-to-ship transfer, bunkering, container discharge, tank trucks, rail tankers, refrigerated logistics, vapor recovery lines, and much more. ARTA cryo couplers provide consistently safe and efficient solutions for these environments.


Cryogenic ASK-TT dry break coupling


We have developed several types of couplings specifically for use in cryogenic applications:



ASK®-TT: Cryo Dry Break Couplings down to -328°F (-200°C)

The ASK®-TT cryo dry break coupling, for low-temperature applications, handles liquid and gaseous media in suction or pressure lines. Connections can be completed without drips, safely, and environmentally friendly. It enables fast coupling and uncoupling, even with filled lines subject to working pressure. Moreover, the integrated swivel joint minimizes mechanical wear to ensure a long life-cycle. Cryogenic dry-break couplings are recommended for transporting LNG, LOX, and other liquid or gaseous media down to -200° Celsius or -328° Fahrenheit, respectively. 

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NTS®-SZ-TT: Emergency Release Couplings down to -382°F (-230°C)

The NTS-SZ-TT is a cryo cable-release breakaway coupling used to transfer media at low temperatures. In the event of a dangerous situation, the coupling separates in a safe, non-destructive manner. It can then be quickly and easily reassembled (usually on-site). The range of activation is a full 360°, and the trigger mechanism is fully independent of line pressure. 


The cryogenic emergency disconnect safety system is recommended for the transport of LNG and LOX as well as other liquid and gaseous media down to -230° Celsius or -382° Fahrenheit.

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ADG®-TT: Swivel Joint for Cryo Applications Down to -328°F (-200°C)

The ARTA ADG®-TT cryo swivel joint for low temperatures mitigates against premature wear by controlling torque forces on hose lines and pipelines. The design incorporates integral flexibility that also permits different sections of the pipe to rotate in relation to each other. The cryogenic swivel joint is recommended for transporting LNG and LOX as well as other liquid and gaseous media down to -200° Celsius and -328° Fahrenheit.

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