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Key areas of application for cryogenic liquefied gases - LNG, LN2, LO2, etc

The ARTA Cryofit line of low temperature couplings is entering its 10th year of successful commercial service. Our customers are leaders in the LNG industry and rely on our LNG couplings to safely and efficiently transfer products at operating temperatures down to -200°C (-328°F). The ARTA Cryofit line is internationally recognized as one of the premiere LNG couplers and swivel joints on the market.



LNG applications & more (Ethylene, Propylene, Ethane etc.)

The application spectrum for our cryogenic couplers is diverse and includes ship-to-ship transfer, fuel bunkering, container discharge, tank trucks, rail tankers, refrigerated logistics, vapor recovery lines and much more. ARTA cryo couplers provide consistently safe and efficient solutions for these environments.


Cryogenic ASK-TT dry break coupling


We have developed two types of couplings specifically for the use in cryogenic applications:


The ASK®-TT Cryogenic Dry Break Coupling

The ARTA Cryogenic Dry Break Coupling ASK-TT allows for fast, safe and spill-free coupling and de-coupling. Even pressure loaded hoses and piping systems experience virtually no product loss when conveying liquid and gaseous media down to 328°F / -200°C.


Key advantages: The ASK-TT does not have to be heated between use cycles; no release of LNG before decoupling.


Flyer - ASK-TT Cryogenic Dry Break Coupling
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The NTS®-SZ-TT Cryogenic Breakaway Coupling / Emergency Release Couplings (ERCs)

The Cryogenic Safety Breakaway Coupling with cable control (short NTS-SZ-TT) operates independently from the line pull angle and the line pressure which makes it the most predictable and reliable system in the industry. It finds it use in separating pipelines and flexible hose lines conveying liquid and gaseous media down to -328°F / -200°C with zero stress to the hose or loading arm.


Key advantages: No shear-pins or weak-bolts required. Zero stress on the hose or loading arm during an emergency break away.


Flyer - NTS-TT Cryogenic Breakaway Coupling
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Cryogenic applications: where experience counts


Ultra low temperature couplers such as ARTA’s Cryofit line need to be specifically designed to minimize the risks of burns, asphyxiation, freezing and other dangers. To this end, ARTA exclusively uses only the best available manufacturing technology for the ASK-TT & NTS-SZ-TT.  


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