Stainless steel bulk nozzles - the ARTA line of engineered Delivery Nozzles for filling drums, totes, IBC's, casks, barrels and jerry cans, and many other storage containers are available in two basic types, as a manual dispensing nozzle or automatic nozzle which are manufactured in  ½”, 1”, 1½” and 2” product line sizes. Outlet spouts options include - straight, 90º, or angled.


Custom end connections, materials / seals (FDA compliant etc.), proximity switches for pump activation, inlet swivel joints (ADG®) are also available on request.


New: ask us about acid proof nozzles with PTFE in-line for corrosive media applications.


AZV® FIXOMAT® Automatic Stainless Steel Filling Nozzle (1" / 1.5" / 2")

The AZV® automatic filling nozzle was developed for single-handed operation and smooth operation by slightly pulling the manual lever.

Key AZV® automatic nozzle advantages

  • Automatic shut-off when filling level is reached
  • Secure shut-off even when subject to pressure variations (0.7 to 6.0 bar)
  • Optimal filling due to low product foaming

  • Gas recycling / vapor recovery options available



ZV® FIXOMAT® Manual Stainless Steel Filling Nozzle (1" / 1.5" / 2")

The ZV® Fixomat® is a manually-controlled filling nozzle used for filling and emptying small containers, sampling, admixing, and laboratory applications.

Key ZV® manual nozzle advantages

  • User friendly & single handed operation - even with work gloves
  • Deadman switch ensures safety during tank filling
  • Proven and reliable design


FIXOMAT® Vapor recovery & gas recycling options

Each ARTA nozzle can optionally be fitted with one of five available vapor control systems. These systems are particularly important if the transfer chemical produces dangerous emissions which should not be released into the immediate environment. 



ARTA nozzles are priced individually, but most units start at approximately 850 USD.


ARTA Fixomat® Nozzle Gallery

The images below illustrate common nozzle applications and configurations.


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