ARTA AR-Filling Systems for Drums, IBC/Totes etc.


The ARTA AR-Filler is designed to facilitate safe and simple container filling. Our fillers can be deployed for virtually all chemicals, including hazardous and/or valuable media.
A few key characteristics that differentiate this system and have made it the most popular solution on the market include:
  • ease of use
  • robustness
  • reliability
  • low capital investment
    esp. versus complex filling machines

The standard AR Drum Filler has three connections:


  1. The product line
    The product line is used to transfer the actual product into the container.
  2. The gas / vapor recovery line
    The gas / vapor recovery line is used to safely divert product vapors.
  3. The overflow sensor line
    The overflow sensor line allows the sensor to come in direct contact with the product.

Customized Dip-Pipes to Minimize Foaming

The AR Filler can be equipped with a dip-pipe to avoid product foaming (also called submerged filling technology). This feature can be customized to match the exact height of the drums or containers used in your filling applications.


Optional Heating or Cooling Jackets

For temperature-sensitive media, optional heating or cooling jacketed systems are available. Typically, this option is used for high-viscosity chemicals that need to be heated in order to obtain the desired flow rates.


Custom Container Fillers

ARTA understands that not all applications can be satisfied with standard solutions. To this end, we work with our customers to develop the best possible solution for their individual needs and process applications. Additional nitrogen lines, custom barrel fillers, and sanitary applications are examples of common requests.


Standard Filler Configurations

Tank connections:    Snap-on connection for standard 2” drum bung holes

                                    IBC quick clamp connection for IBCs with male threads ⌀175mm

                                    Male or Female threads used for jerry can filing (BSP or NPT)


Product line:              Male threads: ½” ; ¾” ; 1” ; 1 ½”
                                    (Other threads or flanges by request.)


Gas / Vapor line:        Male threads: ½” ; ¾” ; 1” ; 1 ½”
                                    (Other threads or flanges by request.)


Sensor line:                Female threads: ¾” ; 1”
                                    (Other threads or flanges by request.)


Materials:                   Stainless steel: 316L or 316Ti

                                    (HALAR coating available on request.)


ARTA AR-Filler are priced individually, but most units start at approximately 3,000 USD.


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