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ASK® Dry Break Couplings

For fluid and gaseous media, ARTA’s ASK® is the drybreak coupling of choice, a proven product, working for many years in the most demanding environments. The ease of operation is achieved by its light weight and integrated swivel joint design. With reduced lifetime cost and safe sealing design, the ASK® is certified by internationally recognized standards and regulations.


The ASK® drybreak coupling can be relied on to safely transfer aggressive and/or valuable media by companies all over the world.


Dry Break Coupling ASK®-KS-HD made of plastic

The ARTA ASK®-KS-HD is a fully-functional dry break coupling, designed to master any aggressive media in suction and low-pressure fluid transfer service. Its lightweight design and integrated swivel joint make it an extremely versatile, easy-to-handle, unique alternative to heavy and expensive couplings made from metal alloys.


The ARTA ASK®-API coupling can be used on all tank vehicles set up for bottom loading

The ASK®-API comes with a safety pin to prevent unintentional disconnection. The seals can be replaced without taking the coupler apart. It is available with or without retention valve and/or product recognition.


ASK®-CI - Dry Break Line

The ARTA ASK®-CI Drybreak Line: Offers compatibility to drybreak couplings from other manufacturers (e.g., NATO – STANAG 3756). The ARTA ASK®-CI has been in service with NATO Forces since 1955.



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