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NTS®-SZ – with cable pull - release at any pull angle 0-360°

The ARTA NTS®-SZ system is designed to transport liquid, gas, and solid products. ARTA NTS®-SZ protects the operator, the equipment, and the environment against damages and leaks in the event of an emergency breakaway. The ARTA NTS®-SZ controlled release between the vehicle and the equipment is activated when a tank truck, tank wagon, or tanker moves away unintentionally.


NTS®-PI - release at any pull angle from 0–30°

The NTS®-PI enables a safe spill-free breakaway of hoses and loading-arm systems regardless of system pressure. Both halves of the NSI®-PI device are equipped with spring-loaded check valves that prevent product spills on both ends. The integrated swivel joint mechanism protects the flexible hoses and the loading arm. No spare parts or special tools are required for a quick and safe assembly after a breakaway.


NTS®-PU - release at any pull angle 180°

The NTS®-PU enables non-destructive, safe, and spill-free breakaways of flexible hoses and pipe systems for loading and unloading. Furthermore, the NTS-PU system responds to unexpected pressure spikes by triggering a separation. Both halves of the NTS®-PU are equipped with spring-loaded check valves that prevent potential fluid spills on both ends in the case of an emergency breakaway. No spare parts or special tools are required.


NTS®-SZ-CS release by cable pull - for aggressive products

The NTS®-SZ-CS works under the same principle as the NTS®-SZ (cable pull) and has been designed to handle aggressive, organic, inorganic, acid, or base products. The NTS®-SZ-CS release at any pull angle 0-360°.

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